Keep The Faith: Markets Will Bounce Back

Record stock market highs were recorded in February, which now seems a long time ago. A month later, Covid-19 and an oil price war between Russia and members of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), led by Saudi Arabia, brought about the biggest market downturn since the financial Read More >>

A Positive Year For Investors

One-year performance doesn’t form the basis of our decision-making – we adopt a buy and hold strategy. However, we know it is important to see how your investments are performing, so here’s a quick overview to what happened in 2019. The headline news: It was a good year for nearly Read More >>

Focus On Fees

As financial planners, we like to concentrate on the things we can control, i.e. the risks you take, the tax you pay and the fees you incur. Fees are necessary, as they facilitate the management of your investments, but they must be appropriate and not so excessive, they impede the Read More >>

Pace yourself for hills ahead

Looking after my clients’ savings is a great responsibility, one I do not take lightly. As a financial planner, I am entrusted by individuals, like you, to help make wise investments, so their hard-earned money lasts a lifetime. To do so effectively, the decisions we make must be based on Read More >>

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