We offer professional advice and assistance on a range of financial matters that arise during unexpected or life changing events.

Our services include:

We work with all parties involved in a personal injury case to design, build, implement and continuously review a fully tailored financial plan that will make the best use of any compensation awarded.

Taking into account the unique circumstances of your life post-injury, we will use our expertise and experience to guide you through the process of securing your financial future, ensuring cover is in place regardless of what you may face.

Acting as a trustee is a huge responsibility and has many legal requirements.

We understand your obligations and will work with you to design a clear strategy that is in the best interests of the trust, producing documentation that will explain your decisions to the beneficiaries.

Managing someone else’s affairs is not an easy task.

We work with you and all parties involved in the matter to design, build, implement and continuously review a financial plan that is tailored to the individual’s needs and their current circumstances.

Using our experience and skills, we will guide you through the trustee process, to ensure you have covered all the events you may face in the future.

Divorce is life-changing, distressing and in some cases traumatic, which makes taking big financial decisions all the more difficult.

We understand how hard it can be to assess your altered financial situation and will help you manage your assets after divorce.

By undertaking a full review of your current position, we can design and implement a financial plan that meets your new circumstances and objectives. We will then keep this under review, to ensure it remains aligned with your wishes and covers all future eventualities.

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