Set up by our four partners, the aim of the Belmayne Foundation is to raise much needed funds for small local charities. Its purposes are to support health and wellbeing and provide relief for those in need. We have opted to focus our efforts on smaller charities where our contribution can make a bigger impact on the funds needed to achieve their aims and objectives. If you are a local registered charity and would like to be considered for future support, please email: This year, the funds we raise will be split equally between:

3rd Holmsfield Scout Group

3rd Holmesfield Scout Group has been based in the village of Holmesfield, near Dronfield, since the group was registered in 1957.

Membership now stands at 110, across Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Using the district building in Dronfield has been successful, but the facilities and size are now proving restrictive for the programme of activities the leaders wish to provide.

An area of land in Holmesfield village has been made available and the group has applied for planning permission to erect a new Scout building. With this in mind, it is actively fundraising and looking for grants to improve the environment in which it is providing members with ‘skills for life’.
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Neurocare is a charity that raises money for the neurosciences and neurology departments at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN).

Funds are raised to buy equipment and support research to save and improve the lives of patients with a range of debilitating or potentially fatal neurological conditions.

Currently, the group is helping to finance the final year of a three-year research project, that aims to find a better treatment and extend the life expectancy for people with the brain cancer, Gioblastoma.

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The Welcome Club

The Welcome Club is held every Tuesday at Dronfield Civic Centre for people who are living independently, but due to old age and lack of a support structure, have found themselves isolated.

It provides transportation, across the Dronfield area, to and from the centre for a cup of tea, a biscuit, a game or two and others to talk to. The greatest expense for The Welcome Club is providing that transportation to and from the venue.

Sheffield RDA

Sheffield Group Riding for the Disabled provides those with a range of learning and physical disabilities with an opportunity to take part in horse riding sessions, either in groups or individually.

This interaction with horses often allows users to overcome their mental and physical disabilities in a calming environment that promotes gentle exercise and independent movement, whilst providing a structure and something to look forward to.

The cost of running the riding group can be up to £8,000 per annum, not including the specialist equipment that is needed, for example, a hoist.

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