Pace yourself for hills ahead

Looking after my clients’ savings is a great responsibility, one I do not take lightly.

As a financial planner, I am entrusted by individuals, like you, to help make wise investments, so their hard-earned money lasts a lifetime. To do so effectively, the decisions we make must be based on evidence and not left to chance

You will often hear advisors talk about risk and there’s no denying an appropriate amount is required to ensure your savings do not deplete too rapidly after retirement.

In my spare time, I love cycling and comparisons can be drawn with the day job. I’d class myself as a keen, but fair-weather rider, who covers varying distances. When I set off, I know not to go all-out, as my energy must be conserved if I am to reach my goal. If you swap energy for risk in this example, it makes sense that if you embark too quickly on your investment journey, especially if it’s a long one, you might not reach your destination.

Planning the route ahead is a must. My knowledge of the hills and mountains I encounter on my bike determines how much energy I need to preserve. In the same way, volatility in the markets causes financial inclines, where a cool head, experience and understanding of your route are invaluable. If we go hell for leather, there’s a strong chance we won’t make it over the summit and your journey will be over.

You would be surprised how many new clients I see who are taking unnecessary risks with their investments and are, in effect, expending too much energy, too early.

We design individual risk-based portfolios to suit your specific needs, using more than 60 years’ analytic data. We also take the time to understand your attitude to risk and psychological makeup, to establish where you want to go and what your final destination will look like.

If I am taking on any challenge, I school myself in what lies ahead, take advice from experts and expend the required energy to complete it successfully. Why should investing be any different?

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