The Long Road to 10K

Jon and fellow partner, Martin, are taking part in the Sheffield Ten 10 Ten on October 6 to raise funds for our Belmayne Foundation.

Having not run regularly for six years, he’s a bit rusty! Here’s how training is going so far…

My intentions were good. I signed up nice and early, saw a physio to try and prepare my aching, ageing limbs and was fired up about getting back into shape.

I downloaded Couch to 5k, with a view to joining a couple of park runs and kickstarting my training. However, I have two children under four and a growing and thankfully, successful business, both of which are exhausting.

Next came a fortnight’s holiday with the family. I set off with more good intentions – my training gear was packed and I envisaged squeezing in a couple of nice runs around Devon and Cornwall. Not all the way around Devon and Cornwall, obviously, just a couple of miles of it! I’m sorry to say my gear stayed in the bag, although chasing the kids around was exercise in itself!

So, I write this with three weeks to go before the big day. A 10k, multi terrain race is looming and I reckon I can run about 2km before I resemble a beetroot-faced wheezing wreck who borrowed a younger, thinner me’s kit.

I completed my first 10k race in 2013 to raise money for Sheffield’s Weston Park Hospital, alongside a friend of mine. Jane had been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, but she was a trooper. She collared me shortly after her diagnosis at a Christmas do, after I’d had several pints of festive spirit. She told me she was running the Sheffield 10k in September, after several rounds of intensive chemotherapy and invasive operations. I thought “bloody hell, if you can do it, I’ll have some of that!”

I was overweight and unfit, built for comfort not speed. It took me ages to get up to 5k and progressing to 10k was tough, but we ran it and I consider it one of my great achievements. It required perseverance, but you know what, I enjoyed it too. I stopped my pints on a Friday (not all the time, I’m not Mo Farah), did a park run relatively regularly and found some beautiful routes through the woods. My wellbeing improved enormously.

Jane, sadly, lost her battle earlier this year. The picture of us at the start of the race came up on my Facebook timeline while I was on holiday. It reminded me that she was a trooper. She never took a backward step, never gave in and I need to channel some of that. I am going to channel some of that and I’m going to get around!

I haven’t done a run today, but I did my physio exercises and downloaded Eye of the Tiger which, so far, means I have a playlist consisting of Eye of the Tiger on repeat. Tomorrow I’m on it! The next three weeks are going to be like a Rocky training montage and one way or another, I will see you at the finish line!

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