A Financial Advisor In The Making

I had the pleasure recently of meeting and mentoring a local student who wished to learn more about what it is like working within a financial planning firm.

Matthew Baxter lives close to our Dronfield offices and attends Westbourne School in Sheffield. He showed great initiative in contacting us and willingly gave up his summer holiday to spend some time in the workplace. He is now embarking on his crucial GCSE year and if he applies himself to his studies, as he did here at Belmayne, I have no doubt he will ace them!

Matthew made a very good impression on his first day, he was polite and not afraid to chat with everyone in the office. He quickly picked up our processes, which meant I was able to set tasks that he completed efficiently. Sometimes, he rushed to get the job done and made a few mistakes, however, he soon learned from these, which was pleasing to see.

In his own words, here’s what Matthew thought of his work experience…

My week at Belmayne

“I see Belmayne’s offices regularly, so decided to get in contact and express my interest in working at a financial planning company.

“The most important thing I have learned during my week was the difference between a professional environment and the school environment. It has been very enjoyable applying what I learn in maths lessons to real life financial situations.

“I had the chance to shadow Chris Pond and David Bashforth throughout their daily routine. One of the most enjoyable parts of the week was preparing the review packs in time for David’s meetings, where he discussed the performance of investments and the retirement journey clients are on.

“I have learned important life lessons and improved my communication skills, by speaking on the phone with providers and clients, whilst working with the advisers on various projects. It was a far cry from staying at home and playing on the computer all day!

“My week was more enjoyable then I first expected and I found it very interesting learning about pensions and financial planning. It helped that the staff were so welcoming and supported me every step of the way.”

Final thoughts from David…

It is always a pleasure to offer some real life, practical experience to the next generation, especially when they have the initiative to contact local businesses themselves, give up their own time and work hard when given the opportunity.

If Matthew approaches the future as he did his week with us, he will no doubt go on to make a success of his GCSE year and whatever career path he ultimately embarks upon.